Solaray Once Daily Active Man Multivitamin 90 VegCaps

90 Count
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What's better than a high-quality multivitamin for men that provides essential nutrients from A to Z? Try Solaray Once Daily Active Man Multivitamin, a specialty formula featuring a whole food base, energizing herbs, amino acids, and a powerful digestive blend!

Formulated to meet the unique needs of men, this Once Daily Active Man Multivitamin includes an Active Man Blend of eleuthero, saw palmetto, amino acids, CoQ10, and lycopene for antioxidant activity to help support everything from healthy prostate and heart function to muscles and energy levels. They'e also included lutein for healthy eye support and a Proprietary Enzyme Blend for enhanced uptake and efficient utilization. Put it all together in a whole food base of pumpkin seeds, tomato, and carrot, and you have sun-grown nutrition to help you shine from the inside out!
Active Man Blend, Proprietary Enzyme Blend, Whole Food Base, Vegetable Cellulose Capsule, Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate and Silica.


Use only as directed. Take 1 VegCap daily with a meal or glass of water.
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