Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation Sensitive Protection Cleansing Baby Wipes 256 count

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Free & Clear Baby Wipes work gently with plant-derived ingredients. Super-sized wipes give you the comfort and performance of cloth in a handy, take-along package so you always have a fresh, clean wipe when you need one. Designed to be kind to baby's skin, they're great for quick cleanups for everyone.

Water,cocoamidopropyl pg-dimonium chloride phosphate, sodium benzoate, quillafa saponaria wood extract, citric acid, aloe vera leaf extract, vitamin E,, the wipe material used in ths product is a blend of wood pulp,polypropelene and polyethylene.


Thick, soft wipes refresh and gently clean even sensitive skin, cleans with plant-derived ingredients

Suggested Uses

Free from synthetic, fragrances, dyes and alcohol.
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