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Ridgecrest Herbals Airway Clear 60 count

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AirwayClear is an herbal formula to help strengthen and support healthy airway function. The proper combination of herbs can help support the body in maintaining relaxed airways, calmness in the chest region, and promote comfortable breathing. Ridgecrest Herbals' AirwayClear formula is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, using herbs that have been dependable for thousands of years to aid the body's ability to support normal, healthy lung function.


Adults and children age 12+, take 2 capsules (under age 12, take 1 capsule) every 4-8 hours as needed to maintain healthy airway function. Results are usually felt within hours, and increase with continued use. Once desired results are obtained, try 1 o 2 capsules twice daily for maintenance. May be used indefinitely if desired, or as needed for seasonal or temporary conditions.
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