Boiron ThroatCalm Meltaway Tablets 60 count

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Instead of merely numbing pain, Boiron ThroatCalm tablets relieve minor sore throat associated with colds and hoarseness from overused vocal cords. The tablets dissolve under the tongue, causing no additional pain to swallow. It targets red, raw sore throats associated with colds with intense thirst, intense salivation, or with pain spreading to the ears.

ThroatCalm is also designed for hoarseness due to overused, fatigued vocal cords, or with a dry throat. It's ideal for teachers, coaches, singers, actors, tour guides, speakers, vocal sports fans, radio and television hosts, or anyone prone to hoarseness. It's non-drowsy and does not interact with other medications or supplements. This homeopathic medicine does not contain artificial colors or numbing agents such as benzocaine so it won't mask symptoms of a more serious condition.

Active Ingredients:** Arnica montana 3C HPUS—Relieves hoarseness due to overexertion of the vocal cords Arum triphyllum 3C HPUS—Relieves vocal cord fatigue in speakers and singers Belladonna 3C HPUS (contains less than 10-8 mg alkaloids per dose)—Relieves red and sore throat Bromium 3C HPUS—Relieves swollen and painful tonsils Bryonia 3C HPUS—Relieves sore throat with intense thirst Mercurius solubilis 4C HPUS (contains less than 10-8 mg mercury per dose)—Relieves sore throat with intense salivation Phytolacca decandra 3C HPUS—Relieves sore throat with pain spreading to the ears Pulsatilla 3C HPUS—Relieves raw sore throat Spongia tosta 3C HPUS—Relieves hoarseness with dry throat Inactive Ingredients: Croscarmellose sodium Lactose Magnesium stearate
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