Simply Organic

Over 20 years ago, Simply Organic planted a seed to create an organic spice company that nurtures the gift of nature sustainably. Their commitment to these principles took root and has turned Simply Organic into more than just a name; it's a promise of trust and quality. Their glass bottles symbolize transparency, and with every shake, sprinkle, and dash, there's confidence that each dish will be as distinctively as delicious as the next. From the caring farmer’s hand that pulls their 100% organic ingredients from the ground, to the cooks that passionately prepare the meal, those who stay true to nature are rewarded by nourishing lives, feeding souls, and preserving the Earth for future generations. Pure and simple.

Simply Organic Giving Fund Grant Program

Since 2018 Simply Organic has been committed to focusing on addressing an issue that’s especially persistent and critical, but that is often overlooked or misunderstood: food insecurity. Through the Simply Organic Giving Fund they’re working to help organizations across the United States and Canada to nourish the millions of food insecure in our communities by providing access to nutrient-dense organic food options to populations in need.

Grown For Something Greater

Simply Organic works directly with sourcing partners whenever possible, paying fair prices directly to them, without a middleman, to maximize the grower's return. As part of Frontier Co-op, they maintain a sustainable sourcing program, Well Earth, that not only encourages and trains small growers to produce top-quality organic crops but helps their communities as well. With Simply Organic you can feel good about the food on your table and its effect on the world we live in.

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