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Chew Sap, Not Plastic

While the majority of brands on the market use a plastic gum base along with artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives, Refresh Gum takes a different approach. They use a tree sap gum base called chicle, real flavors, plant-based sweeteners, colors derived from fruits and vegetables, and coconut oil instead of palm oil. This ensures a fully transparent, environmentally- friendly product that aligns with their commitment to using the highest-quality plant-based ingredients and sustainability.

Refresh Gum Ingredients

Gum Base From Tree Sap

Instead of using the traditional synthetic plastic gum base, they use chicle. A sustainably harvested tree sap.

Robust Flavors

Refresh Gum only uses flavors from plants, this way their gum stays real and tasty. No artificial flavors here, just real flavors for real gum.

Natural Colors

They use natural colors from fruits and vegetables for our gum's colors. Today, most artificial food colors are derived from petroleum or crude oil.

Plant-Based Sweeteners

They use xylitol and stevia for their plant-based sweeteners. No Aspartame or Acesulfame K here!

No Palm Oil

Instead of using traditional palm oil, we use coconut oil. It's important to them to use ingredients that don't have a negative impact on our planet. Deforestation is something Refresh is not comfortable with, and it's what they're here to help change.

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