Burt's Bees

Burt’s Bees continues to carry out the same vision it had when wild bearded, free-spirited Burt Shavitz founded the company – using simple, natural and responsible ingredients to benefit the greater good. Today, they’re still committed to finding ways to benefit the greater good and put efforts towards zero waste in hopes of creating a better world for us all to live in for generations to come. Good for you, good for us, and good for all.

As Nature Intended

Burt's Bees is dedicated to the conscious crafting of their skincare products, utilizing natural ingredients to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Their commitment lies in achieving 100% natural origin formulas, harnessing nutrient-rich elements that contribute to a robust and healthy skin barrier.

Every ingredient is thoughtfully selected for its proven capacity to replenish and fortify the skin's natural defense. With a deep respect for both people and the environment, they source nature's most effective components to ensure that their products contain only the beneficial elements, leaving out any harmful additives. The result is beautifully hydrated and content skin for those who use their products.


Protecting Tomorrow

Burt's Bees is unwavering in its commitment to nature, recognizing the imperative of respecting and preserving it for the future. They've taken concrete steps to minimize their environmental footprint by creating recyclable packaging, utilizing renewable electricity in their facilities, and pledging to prevent the influx of 1.5 million pounds of plastic into our oceans.

Moreover, Burt's Bees actively supports the communities and environments from which they source their ingredients, conducting over 100 visits to monitor and ensure the sustainability of their key raw materials. Their global investments extend to safeguarding clean water access, empowering women and children, and promoting health, safety, and biodiversity in these communities.


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