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Ridgecrest Herbals ClearLungs Liquid 2 oz.

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ClearLungs Liquid is a pleasant, orange-flavored version of the original Chinese herbal formula designed to support free breathing and lung support. ClearLungs Classic is a synergistic blend of Chinese herbs that help the body in maintaining thorough and favorable respiratory health function. This powerful, one-of-a-kind Chinese herbal combination helps the body sustain the respiratory system by combining the beneficial Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) properties of 13 perfectly-balanced herbs. The liquid form of ClearLungs provides an option for those who hate pills and enjoy a natural orange flavor.
ClearLungs Herbal blend (47mg/1ml) 94mg: Dong Quai root, Ophiopogon root, Poria fungal body, Chinese Asparagus root, Chinese Skullcap root, Gardenia fruit, Luo Han Guo fruit, Platycodon root, Tangerine mature peel, White Mulberry root bark, Zhejiang Fritillary bulb, Schisandra fruit, Chinese Licorice root. Availablend Bioavailability Complex 5mg: Sichuan Pepper, Ginger root, Black Pepper, Habanero Pepper


Take orally. Dose by weight if known or else by age. Repeat dose every 4-8 hours as needed. (One dropper full = 1 ml.) Under 2 years of age under 24lbs) ask a doctor. Ages 2-5 years (24-47 lbs) take 1/2 ml. Ages 6-11 years (48-95 lbs) take 1 ml. Ages 12 years or older (over 95 lbs) take 2 ml. May be used long term or temporarily as needed.
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