Whoa Dough


When life hands you semi-sweet chocolate chips, make cookie dough bars. That was Whoa Dough founder Todd Goldstein’s motto when he and his sons were diagnosed with gluten intolerance. At first, it seemed like Todd’s cookie-dough-eating days were over — but he quickly realized he was intolerant of that too.

Todd took it upon himself to create a snack-happy, natural cookie dough bar that could satisfy his family’s sweet tooth without wreaking havoc on their bellies. And after 2 years and dozens of recipes (but who’s counting?), he totally nailed it and Whoa Dough was born.

Whoa Dough brings safe, craveable snacking to the whole hungry fam with cookie dough snack bars that are certified gluten-free and vegan. Plus, four flavors are top-8 allergen free (two contain nuts), so there really is a little somethin’-somethin’ for everyone.


  • Based in Cleveland, OH with all production in the good ol’ U.S. of A.
  • Enjoy warm (20 seconds in the microwave), chilled (hello, fridge) or on the go
  • Made with whole grain oat and chickpea flours
  • Best seller: classic chocolate chip


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