White Egret

White Egret CoQ-10 Creme 2 oz.

2 oz.
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Formulated with 72 ionic minerals from the Great Salt Lake, vitamins A, E, and C and nourishing Coenzyme Q10 White Egret CoQ-10 Toning Créme can reduce fine lines, even skin tone, refresh and replenish skin. Supports an Even Skin Complexion - The potent antioxidant properties of Vitamin C helps tone your skin by reducing the appearance and presence of age spots, freckles, dark spots, and sun damage. Suitable for All Skin Types - It is safe to use for normal, oily, dry, sensitive, and combination types as it does not cause skin irritation, greasy residue, or clogged pores.
Water [Aqua). Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate [Vitamin Cl. Carthamus Tinctorius [Safflower) Seed Oil. Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride. Cetyl Alcohol. Glycerin. Stearyl Alcohol. Glyceryl Sterote Citrate. Sodium Hyaluronate [Hyaluranic Acid). Tocopheryl Acetate [Vitamin El. Glyceryl Stearote. Pathenol [Provita¬min BS). Citrus Aurontifolia (Lime) Oil, Xanthan Gum. Glyceryl Stearote SE. Aloe Barbadensis [Aloe Vero) Leaf Extract. Allantoin. Cetearyl Glucoside, Retinyl Palmitate [Vitamin Al. Concentroce® Mineral Blend. Ubiqui¬none (Coenzyme 010). Potassium Sorbate. Phenoxyethanol. Ethylhex¬ylglycerin, Caramel


Apply to clean, dry facial skin and neck in an upward circular motion. Recommended only for use at night as Retinyl may have adverse reactions in sunlight.
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