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New Frontier Wholesale Website User Tutorial

The Basics

This Co-op Member website continues to serve our wholesale members. To give it better visibility, it's accessible, on a limited basis, to the general public.

A secure login is required to view prices, buy products and view private cooperative member information. This secure user name and password is called a user’s “web profile.” Multiple profiles can be built for a single account. Only one web profile can be built as the “Owner” of the account; all other users are either a “Shopper or a “Manager.”

Shopper – Enters and approves orders to be placed by the Manager or Owner.

Manager – Enters own individual orders and places final order with Frontier. If there are other Shoppers on the account, the Manager can place one combined order that includes all Shoppers. A Manager can also invite people to join the account as Shoppers. Managers can also change user names and passwords for all of the account’s users.

Owner – Has all the rights of a Manager but also receives communication about patronage, share account and voting.

Manage Authorized Users

My Frontier

Once you are logged onto our site, you will go directly to your “My Frontier” page. This page is designed to provide a sort of home base for the user. Order information, including pending orders and order history, appear on My Frontier. You will also find a message board on which the Frontier team can post messages, reminders, etc. And there is also one-click access to product lists, such as Top Sellers, Frontier Suggests and On Sale Now.

My Frontier


You can now Shop by Brand or Shop by Category. The former allows you to select particular brands and sub-categories within that brand, i.e. Simply Organic Dressing Mixes.

Shop By Brand

Shop by Category is designed to let you browse all brands in an area of functional interest, such as Household Cleaners.

Shop By Category

Our new shopping pages allow you to view products in a list or grid format – simply click on the menu bar directly above the listing.

List View

(We’ve done our best to ensure products have the important information you need to make a purchasing decision – such as photos, labels, ingredients, etc. You may find a product that doesn’t have all the pieces yet, but we are working on it!) And adding items is simple. Go to your order form using My Orders at the top of the screen or the Quick Order Form on the My Frontier page. Just enter the item number and the order is automatically updated.

My Order

Other shopping enhancements include improved searching and easier storage and updating of your order. We've added a convenient top bar on the screen that keeps you informed of your individual order’s total dollars and number of items, as well as the combined total of all orders for accounts with multiple Shoppers.

Of course, you can always chat with a representative online, if you need assistance. If you are a store that would like help with merchandising such as displays, jars, labels, testers or brochures, there is an option at the end of checkout that allows you to hold your order and request advice from an Inside Sales Representative.


Stores with Multiple Departments

We've made a number of changes to our ordering system. The biggest is how we compile and take orders. We found that members wanted the ability to have several orders combine into one final order for the account. For example, Kelly at Main Street Co-op may purchase all the essential oil products, while John purchases the bulk products. Each of them is a Shopper with a unique web profile, and both are tied to the single account for Main Street Co-op. Each Shopper can build a unique order under “My Orders.” When each list of items is ready, it is Approved by the Shopper and sent to the Manager (we'll say John in this example) to place. John compiles the Approved orders into one complete order for Main Street Co-op. The website maintains records of what each Shopper ordered. The order will ship with the standard invoice on which all of the items are combined, but the order can be easily split using the record of who ordered which items available on the web.

Review Orders

Buying Clubs

Buying clubs can now compile orders, with each household having a unique web profile as a Shopper and one Manager placing the combined orders as described above for stores with Multiple Departments.

An important feature for both stores and buying clubs is that one Shopper or Manager can place orders for multiple people. For instance, in the above example, if Kelly is on vacation, John can still place two orders for Main Street Co-op. John simply enters the essential oils and saves the order as “Kelly’s April Order,” and he places his order under the name of “John’s April Order.” He then combines the two orders into one and places the final April order. When the order arrives, John simply opens his web account to view which products belong to Kelly and which are his.

My Shelves

To simplify re-ordering, we've added My Shelves to our site. This page allows you to create a list of items that you regularly order and add them easily to your current order.

You simply build your custom list in My Shelves (on up to three virtual shelves) by designating items from your Order History or the My Order page.

To add items from your Order History, simply select the shelf you want each item to be listed on from the drop down to its right. When you finish making your changes, click the "Update Shelves" button at the top or bottom of Order History.

To add items from the My Order page, click the checkboxes to the left of the items you want added to My Shelves, click the radio button for "Add to My Shelves" right below the item listing, select a shelf from the drop down, and click the "Go" button. The selected items will be added to the specified shelf.

Then you can return to My Shelves anytime and automatically add any item on the shelves to your order just by typing in the quantity you want.

My Shelves items can be added, removed, or moved from shelf to shelf at any time with their drop-down menus.

Checking Out

We’ve streamlined the checkout process so there is now one screen that provides an order summary, discount summary, payment details, shipping confirmation and a final approval button to place the order. You can include a message to us and choose to send your order to a Frontier Representative for review. (Please note that our representatives will do their best to respond promptly, but the review could delay your order by a day. And, if you want immediate response, we offer live chat from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday.)


New to the Frontier wholesale site?

If you already have an account and wish to start using our new site, simply fill out the Account Verification Request, and a Customer Service representative will contact you to confirm your membership and get you started.

We also recognize that many of our accounts have a single user entering and placing all orders. If you’d like multiple Shoppers who can draft and send their orders to a single Manager for combined placement, just send each person an invitation to set up their own user profile as a Shopper. Go to Authorized Users and use our invitation process.

Any questions?

With all the feedback from our members, we made a lot of changes to our site! If you have any questions, please call us. We’re always happy to personally assist you. 1-800-669-3275.

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