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Local Coffee. Reimagined.


At Twin Engine Coffee, we make our coffees locally where they grow. We’re a fully bean-to-bag organization. Twin Engine is one of the first “Made at Origin” organic specialty Arabica coffees available in the U.S.

We’re more than a coffee company, we’re a coffee community. We work 100 percent at the source with farmers, tasters, roasters, bag-fillers, designers and transporters so we can create new opportunities while we’re making exquisite coffee. We all work together to guarantee only aromatic, zero-defect, triple-shade organic coffees make it to your cup.


Twin Engine History

In 2013, two mission-focused economists had a revolutionary idea: Coffee in – Poverty out. These pioneers created Twin Engine Coffee in Nicaragua to prove the viability of “Made at Origin” specialty coffee. Standard Fair Trade-certified coffee only leaves behind about 20 cents of each dollar in the local community. By containing the entire process to the local community where the coffee is grown, we’re able to keep four times that amount in the community.

But Twin Engine isn’t only a social enterprise. When we started the company, we knew our primary focus must be on taste and quality. And high-quality coffee is dependent on its source. We offer uniquely delicious tastes of Nicaragua. Each of our coffees is specialty grade and scores more than 80 points on aroma, body, balance and more. We eliminate defects commonly present in commercial coffees through a 20-step process from farm to roast. Each Twin Engine Coffee brings its own unique characteristics reflecting its growth region, variety, drying style and other unique elements.


Twin Engine Group


The Twin Engine Effect

With every purchase of Twin Engine Coffee, you write yourself into this transformative story. By purchasing directly from the source, you are:

* Breaking generational cycles of poverty. Twin Engine Coffee has created an entirely new industry in Nicaragua. The stability and income provided by these jobs in our communities have changed lives.

* Restoring mountain ecosystems. The mountains of Nicaragua are home to hundreds of native bird species, flora and fauna. These unique mountain climates also allow coffee fruit to slowly mature, building density and amazing taste. Without consistent income and support, coffee farmers struggle to maintain these ecosystems and habitats are lost. Twin Engine Coffee provides consistency that is vital for farmers and the environment.

* Supporting zero waste. Zero waste is our focus, zero waste is our goal. We have many creative initiatives to utilize items previously wasted and transform them into products benefiting the community. For example, we make our Caturra Tea from organic coffee fruits that were previously wasted. We discovered these fruits make delicious teas and have more than six times the antioxidants per serving than other fruits and vegetables.

* Supporting organic production and solar power. We are USDA Certified Organic from farm to roast. That means it’s impossible any other coffees end up in your bag. Our coffee beans were always dried in the sun, but now, we use solar power for everything!

* Supporting women business owners. Twin Engine Coffee is woman-owned and led. Co-founder Andrea Woolverton was raised on a family farm and became an agricultural economist. She spent her career answering tough questions about our global food system. Then she took action and is working to transform the coffee industry.

* Supporting artisans from underserved communities. At Twin Engine Coffee, we know we’re not able to employ everyone in our community through our coffee-making process. However, we realize that the talented artisans we live among had no access to broader markets, severely hampering their livelihoods. So, we launched Origin Creations for local artisans to sell their handmade leather and created CoffeeWood by Twin Engine Coffee to teach young people how to make organic CoffeeWood scoops and spoons.





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