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The Honey Pot Silicone Menstrual Cup Size 1

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If tampons or pads aren't your "cup" of tea, reach for the The Honey Pot's Menstrual Cup: a convenient, sustainable alternative that's good for you and the earth. Like our large size menstrual cup, this feminine menstrual cup is made with medical-grade silicone and is free from latex and phthalates. Best of all, our silicone menstrual cup can be reused over and over again (for up to a year)!

Our menstrual cup comes in two sizes. Size 1 is ideal for those with a light-to-medium flow while Size 2 is ideal for those with a medium-to-heavy flow and those who have given birth.
100% Medical Grade Silicone


1. Sterilize

2. Wash your hands with a pH balanced or mild fragrance-free soap.

3. Before every use wash cup with Honeypot Feminine Wash.

4. Form a "U" shape by flattening the ends together and insert into the vagina.

5. Rotate the base of the cup to provide suction and seal.
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