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Harold Import HIC Stainless Steel Taco Holder Stands Set of 2

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HIC Kitchen's set of 2 Taco Holder Stands holds and elevates empty hard or soft taco shells for even heating and reduced breakage. Side 1 holds 2 tacos or flips for 3 tacos; side handles for easy transport. Easily free both hands to fill the shells with cooked taco meat or fish, cheese, guacamole, and taco toppings, then serve tacos right from stands. They're great cooking accessories and grill tools for an effortless indoor and outdoor lifestyle. Made from stainless steel, the Taco Holders are durable, heat and flame safe, won't rust or transfer flavors between uses, and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Safe for direct and indirect heat and direct flame exposure on the grill.

Made from stainless steel; won't rust or transfer flavors
UPC 781723222152
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