Indulge your taste buds and your conscience with our thoughtfully curated selection of sustainable chocolate brands. We believe that a treat as sweet as chocolate should also be a treat for the planet and its people. That's why we've partnered with brands that share our commitment to doing good.

Each chocolate brand we carry is a testament to our dedication to supporting ethical practices. With a focus on responsible sourcing, fair trade, and environmentally friendly production, these brands are a beacon of what's possible when taste and values unite.

Alter Eco

At Seattle Chocolate, they believe chocolate should add a little magic to your day, from the flavor to the packaging to the delightful deliciousness of it all - and that’s the goal with every chocolate bar or meltaway truffle, they dream up in their colorful factory.


100% plant-based chocolate bars and baking chocolate from origins of cacao beans worldwide. The key pillar of the TCHO source program are their flavor labs, which allows them to co-create better cacao. And better cacao makes better chocolate.