SPORTea Hot Tea 20 Cup Size Teabags 1.4 oz

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A single box of Hot SPORTea® contains 20 cup-size tea bags (each tea bag makes one standard serving).

  • SPORTea is a gourmet, nutritious iced and hot tea beverage that is energizing and sustaining
  • 100% natural, contains no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or additives
  • Decaff equivalent: 98% caffeine free naturally without processing

Distinctive Flavor- A premium blend of black and green teas, soothing ginger, a bold CitrusSweet taste with a zip!

Stress Fighter- Replenishes potassium and trace minerals depleted during physical and mental stress. Soothing, circulation enhancing and a bodily systems endurance builder

Nutritious- Invigorating - a boost of energy with no sugar or caffeine let down. Fights fatigue, promotes mental altertness, builds stamina, sustaining

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