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Item #: 220062

Body Rescue Alkaline Booster pH Protector Drops 1.25 fl. oz.

Body Rescue
1.25 Fluid Ounce

Product Overview

Body Rescue pH-balancing and alkalizing drops and pH testing tape make it easier than ever to help you maintain healthy body chemistry. Whatever your body revitalizing needs, Body Rescue has the products you need to achieve optimum vitality!
  • Recyclable Packaging
Size 1.25 fl. oz.

Product Details

  • Directions

    Take six to eight drops in 8 oz of distilled water or beverage as needed. Use of pH protector drops undiluted is not recommended. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING.

  • Ingredients
    Water, CAW micelle sodium meta silicate, sulfated castor oil, calcium chloride, magnesium sulfate), fossilized organics from refined lignite.


  • Product Features
    • Acid saturates cells and starves out oxygen
    • The body leaches calcium from bones to counter acid
    • Nutrient absorption declines in an acid body