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Item #: 220834

GladRags Pantyliner 3-pack


Product Overview

Slim and absorbent, the one-piece GladRags Pantyliner is perfect for light everyday protection or as back-up for your menstrual cup or tampon. This breathable, all-cotton liner is so comfortable you'll hardly know you're wearing one.
Color / Pattern Assorted Colors & Patterns Count 3-pack

Product Details

  • Directions

    Each GladRags Day or Night Pad consists of one holder and two inserts. To assemble, slip the inserts inside the holder, like a letter inside an envelope; then turn the pad over (so the smooth side goes against your body and the tag side against your underwear) and snap the "wings" of the holder around your underwear.

    When you use both inserts, it is a maxi pad. When you use one, it's mini for lighter day. If you are having an extra heavy flow day, you can place a third insert in the holder for a super maxi. It is easy to get the pads clean because you take the inserts out for washing.

  • Product Features
    • Longer coverage for light days in soft, organic cotton
    • Approximately 8.5" long and 3" wide
  • Ingredients

    All of our GladRags are made from cotton flannel and cotton terry cloth. The color pads are conventional cotton flannel and the undyed are organically-grown cotton flannel.