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Item #: 232527

Numi Tea Presence Organic Holistic Tea 16 tea bags

Numi Tea

Product Overview

Citrus murmurings of lemongrass quiet as they touch a kiss of spearmint in this clean, crisp mellow blend. Both have a cooling effect, allowing you to still your mind and be present. Bamboo is slightly grassy while blueberry leaf purifies, promoting calm and mental clarity. A touch of earthiness settles and centers you into awareness with each simple sip.
Count 16 tea bags

Product Details

  • Ingredients

    Bamboo Leaves: used in Chinese medicine for centuries, is cooling and clearing, promotes flow of qi (breath/air)
    Lemongrass: cleansing and detoxifying, promotes healthy digestion
    Spearmint: soothing properties; mellows the mind and promotes calm, ease, and focus
    Ginger: stimulating, warming, encourages circulatory and immune health
    Hawthorne Berries: an antioxidant known to support cardiovascular health
    Elderflower: used to support immunity
    Schizandra Berries: an adaptogen known to reduce fatigue and stress
    Blueberry Leaf: rich in antioxidants, reduces inflammation and has many minerals
    Lavender: soothes the nervous system, reduces tension

  • Product Features
    • Alchemy: Still your mind and bring forth awareness with mellow bamboo leaves and cooling spearmint. Earthy blueberry leaf and a hint of lemon centers
    • Flavor: Clean, crisp citrus and mint with grassy and sweet undertones
    • Occasion: Centering awareness
    • Caffeine: None