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Item #: 563

Frontier Co-op Flax Seed, Whole, Organic 1 lb

1.05 Each

Product Overview

Frontier® Flax Seeds have a nutty, slightly green-grassy flavor and a high omega-3 fatty acids content. While whole flaxseeds feature a soft crunch, the nutrients in ground seeds are more easily absorbed.
  • Kosher
  • Organic
Botanical Name Linum usitatissimum Common Name Flax Seed Country of Origin Canada Cut Whole Package Type Bulk Bag Plant Part Seed Size 1 lb

Product Details

  • Product Features

    These seeds have a high oil content, and although the oil is relatively stable while the seed is intact, refrigeration is recommended to slow the oxidation process and prolong the life of the seed. Raw flax (also known as linseed) seeds contain a cyanogenic glycoside which is toxic if consumed in large quantities (20-30 tablespoons per day).