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Item #: 215095

Seventh Generation Lemon Automatic Dishwasher Gel 42 oz.

Seventh Generation
3.5 Each

Product Overview

Derived from plant-based ingredients and botanical extracts, Seventh Generation Dishwasher Gel is effective, environmentally responsible and safe – meaning you can feel good about using it. It’s free of harsh chemicals like phosphates, synthetic fragrances and chlorine yet leaves dishes shiny and residue-free without scrubbing or re-washing. This high-performance, natural automatic dishwasher gel is powerful removing stubborn stains while also being septic-safe and non-toxic – so you can clean with purpose.

  • Recyclable Packaging
  • No Synthetic Colors or Fragrances
  • Made In USA
  • Chlorine Free
  • Phosphate Free
Scent Lemon Size 42 oz.

Product Details

  • Directions

    LOAD DISHWASHER- make sure items are dishwasher safe. Load items with soiled surfaces facing the center and keep taller items away from center. Silver, aluminium and stainless steal should be washed in separate loads to avoid discoloration. ADD DETERGENT- fill main dispenser cup according to machine directions and close dispenser door. For very hard water we recommend using Seventh Generation Rinse Aid, Septic safe

  • Ingredients

    Water, sodium citrate (plant-derived water softener), ppg-10-laureth-7 (plant-modified synthetic cleaning agent), sodium silicate (mineral-based alkalinity builder), citric acid (plant-derived pH adjuster), xanthan gum (plant-derived thickener), calcium chloride (mineral-based enzyme stabilizer), sodium hydroxide (mineral-based pH adjuster), protease and amylase (plant-derived enzyme blend soil removers), and benzisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone (synthetic preservative).

  • Product Features
    • Chlorine bleach free and phosphate free
    • Cleans with plant-derived enzymes
    • Septic safe
  • Safety Information

    Keep out of reach of children. If product gets in eyes, flush thoroughly with water. If swallowed drink plenty of water.