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Item #: 228183

Color Garden Orange Food Coloring 5 packets

Color Garden

Product Overview

Each individual packet of Color Garden™ pure natural food colors delivers enough color to frost one medium-sized cake (roughly sixteen ounces of frosting). The single-use packet is designed to be used all at once. Remember: these are all-natural colors; they do not contain any artificial preservatives. It is therefore best to use the entire contents of a single package. When working with natural colors that they are sensitive to heat – while the batter may be a beautiful deep red color when it goes into the oven, it very likely will come out of the oven brown.
  • No Artificial Ingredients
Color / Pattern Orange Count 5 packets

Product Details

  • Ingredients

    Annatto, Caramel Color, Beet Juice, Baking Soda. Contains less than 1% ethyl alcohol to preserve freshness.

  • Product Features
    • Five single-use transparent plastic packets (6g) each
    • Each individual packet delivers enough color for one medium-sized cake or approximately 16oz of frosting
    • 100% plant-based pure, natural color
    • No artificial ingredients