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Item #: 222395

Chrome Plated Steel Coffee and Tea Press 30 oz.


Product Overview

This coffee and tea press features a modern and practical design to brew rich, flavorful coffee and tea. Extra filter in lid makes sure no loose grounds get into cups. The capacity is 30 ounces/6-5 ounce cups.
Color / Pattern Chrome Plated Size 30 oz.

Product Details

  • Directions

    1) Place coffee grounds or tea leaves in the bottom of the glass carafe under the plunger. 2) Add boiling water to carafe. 3) Leave plunger fully raised. Allow coffee or tea to steep 3 to 5 minutes. 4) Press plunger down against grounds or leaves which stops brewing process. Enjoy the full bodied flavor of this unque Press. 5) Pout brewed coffee & tea extra filter in lid will prevent any loose coffee or tea from getting into your cup.