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Item #: 223907

E-Cloth Stainless Steel Pack


Product Overview

The perfect solution to stainless steel cleaning and keeping your items looking as good as new, this Stainless Steel Cloth is the right tool for the job. e-cloths really are different and give a fantastic chemical free clean with just water. If you take care of them they will last for years. e-cloths work so well that you will get a lint-free, smear-free clean with just water.
  • Recyclable Packaging
Package Content Includes Finishing Cloth 15 1/2" x 18" and Stainless Steel Cloth 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" Count 2 cloths

Product Details

  • Ingredients

    Made from a mix of nylon and polyester, in varying proportions and processed in many different ways to achieve a very specific result.