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Item #: 222046

Numi Tea Emperor's Puerh Black Tea 16 tea bags

Numi Tea

Product Overview

Numi Emperor's Puerh stems from up to 500 year old wild-harvested organic tea trees deeply rooted in China's magestic Yunnan Mountains. Hand-picked broad leaves are fermented into black tea then ripened resulting in its earthy aroma and dark sienna hue. Puerh boasts a deep bold body, smooth and slightly sweet with hints of malt.
Count 16 tea bags Flavor Emperor's Black Tea

Product Details

  • Directions

    Soulful steeping: bring regal waters to a boil. Slowly pour over a bag of Emperor's Puerh. Steep 3-5 minutes to capture the full taste of this majestic tea. Oversteeping brings out bitterness from tannin, a natural part of tea.

  • Ingredients

    Organic Black Pu-erh tea