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Item #: 208635

Ark Naturals Neem Protect Spray 8 fl. oz.

Ark Naturals
0.5 Each

Product Overview

Ark’s Neem “Protect” Spray is an environmentally friendly, gentle, and non-drying formula for pets including dogs, cats, and horses. It is used for animals with skin and coat issues including insect bites and skin and coat irritation. The active ingredients are Neem and citronella. Neem is a tree native to the Indian subcontinent. Neem has been used for thousands of years by the people of India, Southeast Asia and Africa. Scientific studies have found these plants contain compounds that have wound healing properties. Neem oils and extracts are anti-inflammatory, gentle and non-drying.
  • No Soy
  • Made In USA
Size 8 fl. oz.

Product Details

  • Ingredients

    A proprietary formula of neem, citronella and essential oils.