Red Ceramic Compost Keeper 1 gallon

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Attractive and sturdy, this home compost keeper is an easy way to green up your kitchen if you aim for a more eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle. It's a small way to reduce the impact of food waste and scraps, while feeding your soil. Sturdy stainless steel handle for easy transport.

Conveniently store food scraps in this odor-eliminating container before transferring them to an outside composter. The unit works great for egg shells, peelings, coffee grounds, and more.

Dimensions: 1 gallon capacity measures 10" x 7.75" x 6.25"

Suggested Uses

The composter works best as a temporary holder for peelings, table scraps, egg shells, greens, clippings, and other vegetable wastes.
UPC 028901500931
Weight 4Lb
Content Description Includes Charcoal Filter and Compost Pail (1 gallon capacity)