Twin Engine Coffee Twin Engine Coffee Organic Cattura Tea 4.2 oz.

4.2 oz. SKU: 235701
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  • Organic
  • High Fructose CornSyrup Free
  • Paraben Petroleum Free
Product Details
Caturra Tea is a new, delicious tea made from sun-dried coffee fruits with their natural antioxidants & caffeine. Twin Engine picked red, ripe coffee fruit & let them sun dry perfectly. From its amber tone to the full taste of citrus and black tea, Caturra Tea will soon be your new favorite. Let the fruit come alive in your cup! When prepared, you can enjoy all of the benefits with ZERO sugar. Medium caffeine levels are similar to black tea for easy, natural focus. Upcycled tea for a healthier planet! Whole fruit, no strainer needed.  

100% Sun-dried coffee fruit.