TCHO TCHO Born Fruity Dark Chocolate Bar 2.5 oz

2.5 oz. SKU: 238616
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  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Made In USA
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • No Wheat
  • Gluten Free
Product Details

A lush, fruit-forward cacao truffle filled dark chocolate from Peru, the birthplace of cacao. Deep fruit notes with a sweet and crisp finish.



From the birthplace of cacao

Call it a homecoming party cause TCHO is bringing chocolate back to its Amazonian roots to celebrate the birthplace of cacao. For over 10 years, TCHO has worked with Peruvian farmers to cultivate and reintroduce the original fruit-forward flavor which made the world first fall in love with chocolate. With its tart raspberry notes and stone fruit highlights, you’ll know why chocolate was born fruity.

Better Beans, Better Chocolate

TCHO Source
TCHO Source

TCHO Source is TCHO’s unique program for partnering with cacao producers and research institutions worldwide to create a better cacao bean, because better cacao means better chocolate. This isn’t just about the quality and taste of cacao beans, its about how they’re grown, harvested, roasted, and moved along every point along the supply chain. TCHO cares about the people behind cacao, from the farmer to the roaster and all the communities in-between. Through TCHO Source, they establish partners at every step to co-create better cacao for the benefit of the entire chocolate industry.

Origin & Flavor
Origin & Flavor

Cacao beans possess a wide variety of inherent flavors, which vary greatly depending on the origin. Chocolate is one of the most diversely and densely flavored foods in the world surpassing even coffee and wine. TCHO provides their farmer and scientist partners with the right tools to make the best cacao in the world. They invest at origin in flavor labs, fermentation centers, and raised drying beds to improve their cocoa research, and the results have been significant. Since they began sourcing, they found only 20% of the beans were up to their quality standards, today that number is approximately 80%.

Chocolate, Fair And Square

TCHO was born nearly 15 years ago out of a shared obsession to reimagine the world of chocolate from the ground up. TCHO makes all their chocolate at their state-of-the-art chocolate factory in Berkeley, California. As a certified B Corporation, they lean on their founding value of curiosity to find new ways to use their business to better the world through chocolate.