Sutter Buttes

Sutter Buttes Beer with Jalapeno Whiskey Gourmet Mustard 9 oz.

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Jalapeno Whiskey Mustard is for those that are looking for deep and multilayered flavors in their condiments. This deeply flavorful hot and spicy mustard is artisan crafted with the finest and freshest jalapeno peppers for a deep, yet not-too-intense taste. The Tennessee whiskey adds a second layer of flavor to create a well-liked experience. It's enjoyed straight out of the jar as a spicy dipping sauce or combined with other ingredients to form a marinade or gravy. Spread on a sandwich or add to your favorite dishes for some rich chili flavor. 
Yellow Mustard, Vinegar, Water, Jalapenos, Sugar, Flour, Mustard Powder, Whiskey, Turmeric, Cayenne Pepper, Chipotle Powder, Salt, Whiskey Flavor.
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