Radius Source Soft Toothbrush Assorted Colors

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Our ultra eco-friendly toothbrush head was designed with vegetable-derived radiating bristles embedded in a curved bristle bed and connected to a longer neck so that you get a softer, deeper clean and a stimulating gum massage all at the same time. This eco-friendly toothbrush features an upcycled handle and replaceable head, ultimately reducing waste by an incredible 93%.
The elegant, one-of-a-kind handle is composed of repurposed and recycled materials — like wood, paper and even recycled dollar bills — for a beautiful, natural look and feel.


Replace head- pull shaft of the head away from the handle with a sharp tug, head will detach. Place connector of new head into socket at top of handle and push until you feel a positive click and the head is fully seated. Replace head at 90 days.
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