Navitas Organics Navitas Organics Vanilla & Greens Essential Superfood Blends 8.4 oz.

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  • Organic
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Complete proteins, digestive support, greens and nutrient-rich superfoods work together to give you a daily nutritional boost in a single scoop. It’s the easy and delicious way to get the nutrients you need to keep your body in balance. Vanilla & Greens Essential Blend combines the heaviest hitters in the superfood world to bring you plant-based complete proteins, digestive support and antioxidants in one easy-to-use mix. Navitas Organics Essential Blends do not contain added sugar, fillers, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors. Use it as a ready-to-blend smoothie or add to yogurts, cereals or recipes. Contains 14 superfoods.

Organic Protein blend, Superfood Blend, Organic flavor, Inulin (agave), natural vanilla flavor, guar gum, acerola cherry extract, monk fruit, salt, cinnamon, Probiotic/Enzyme Blend,