Mrs Anderson Mrs. Anderson's Silicone Brownie Spatula 8 x 1.5

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Mrs. Anderson's Brownie Spatula is specially designed to serve freshly baked brownies without them tearing or crumbling to pieces. A useful addition to baking accessories, this mini silicone spatula features a beveled front edge that easily cuts and slides under brownies. Its comfortable offset handle offers optimal serving leverage by setting the blade at the perfect angle to navigate straight-sided pans.

Easily serve the fudgiest, gooiest brownies without them sticking! Made from naturally non-stick silicone, it's safe for use with all bakeware and won't scratch delicate nonstick bakeware. Its carbon steel core adds strength to support more substantial treats, yet remains flexible for easy maneuvering. This non-stick mini spatula is perfectly sized for brownies, blondies, bar cookies, cakes, fudge, refrigerator cake, and other no-bake recipes. It's also great for transferring fresh baked cookies and homemade dog treats from baking sheets to a cooling rack.

Sturdy and durable to outlast thousands of bakes, heat-resistant to 550-degrees Fahrenheit, and Proposition 65 compliant. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. 

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