Masontops Trap Cap Fruit Fly Reusable Catching Lids 4 count

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Bye-bye, fruit flies. The Trap Cap goes virtually unnoticed as it catches fruit flies and works in any environment—homes, businesses, camp grounds and more. Simply add attractant to a regular/small mouth Mason jar, screw on the Trap Cap lid, and flies will instantly be drawn in, but can't escape!

Unlike unsightly fly tape that leaves dead flies in plain sight, the Trap Cap on a Mason jar looks like any household item and won't draw attention to the pests when visitors arrive. It's simple, clean and effective.

Works with All-Natural Attractants: Simply Add Apple Cider Vinegar or Other Attractant to Jar and Secure Lid. Reusable and Dishwasher Safe Plastic.


(1) Pour attractant into regular/small mouth Mason jar, such as apple cider vinegar

(2) Screw on Trap Cap

(3) Leave in a place frequented by fruit flies until they're all trapped—clean and reuse all year long

Flies can get in through the holes, but they can't get out! Still works if some holes get blocked.
Weight 0.31Lb
Content Description Includes one each of blue, clear, green and yellow