Hot Chocolate Bomb Mold Set of 2

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Mrs. Anderson's Hot Cocoa Bomb Molds for a magical hot cocoa delivery system that floats, melts, and implodes to release edible confetti-like fillings. Easily make 12 filled chocolate half domes (2.58-inches wide x 1.32-inch deep) or 6 round spheres (2.65-inch diameter) that melt and implode. Great for parties, Valentine's Day, holiday gifts, and social media shares; instructions included; safe for freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher.

Made from non-stick European-grade silicone.
UPC 781723439062
Weight 0.16Lb
Content Description This set molds 12 filled half domes (2.85" W x 1.32" D) or 6 round spheres (2.65" diameter)