Natural Peanut Butter Mixer

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Grandpa Witmer's Natural Peanut Butter Mixer (model 300) stirs in the separated oils from natural peanut butter without splashing or making an oily mess. Non-hydrogenated peanut butter is considered a healthier choice over those that are hydrogenated.

The knob spins freely to turn the crank while the mixing rod churns inside the full length of the jar, blending its contents thoroughly. Once peanut butter is mixed, a flexible gasket inside the lid effectively cleans the mixing rod when it's drawn out from the jar while a liner inside collects excess peanut butter. An easy-release tab allows the liner to be removed for an effortless and thorough cleaning.

Proudly made in America from chrome plated steel and BPA-free plastic lid


Easy to use. Simply remove the peanut butter jar's lid and replace it with Grandpa Witmer's Peanut Butter Mixer. Insert the mixing rod through the mixer lid opening and turn the handle clockwise with a downward pressure. Hold the jar either upright or sideways and continue to mix until oil is thoroughly blended back into the peanut butter. Pull the knob upward to remove and clean the mixing rod. Unscrew the mixer lid from the jar and replace the jar's original lid. Pull the release tab to pop out the mixer's lid liner and white gasket for cleaning.

This peanut butter mixer (model 300) is designed to fit 16-ounce jars with 2.75-inch lids; hand wash all parts in warm, soapy water.
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