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Herbs for Kids Cherry Bark Respiratory Support 2 fl. oz.

2 fl. oz.
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Cherry Bark Blend soothes a dry, irritated throat and helps to support the respiratory system. It is a great alternative to cough syrups that contain dyes, sugars and alcohol. See your doctor if a cough lasts more than one week.
EXTRACT of orange peel, thyme herb, peppermint leaf, cherry bark, oregon grape root, mullein leaf, hops strobles, horehound herb, pleurisy root. other ingredients: kosher coconut and/or palm kernel glycerine, purifies water and citric acid


SHAKE WELL: use only as directed, Take directly or in a little water, or juice, for children over 1 to 2, 1ml 3x day, age 3 to 6, 1-2ml, 3x a day ages 7-11 2ml 3-4 x day 12yrs,3ml, 3-4 times a day.

Suggested Uses

This blend contains herbs which soothe a dry irritated throat
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