Frontier Co-op Frontier Co-op Spearmint Leaf, Cut & Sifted, Organic 1 lb.

1 lb. SKU: 781
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  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Non-ETO
  • Non-Irradiated
Product Details

Frontier Co-op Spearmint Leaf is a pleasant-tasting herb that stays minty whether taken fresh or dry. Spearmint leaves are one of the oldest mints ever cultivated and are pleasant tasting with a minty aroma. Our spearmint has a delicate flavor, with slightly sweet undertones.

This product spices up any dish or recipe, and is especially good with fish, lamb, or even fruit salads. It also blends perfectly with a glass of iced tea or a cocktail for anyone who prefers a little coolness in their drink. The leaves can also be soaked in water to make spearmint tea.

To prepare as a tea, pour 8 oz. boiling water over 1 tsp. of herb. Cover and steep 3-5 minutes, strain and serve immediately.


More Info
  • Origin: United States
  • Botanical name: Mentha spicata L.






Frontier Co-op Organic Spearmint Leaves are grown and harvested in the United States. Our farmers don't use any additives or chemicals to produce high-quality peppermint leaves. Our product is 100% organic, kosher certified, and non-irradiated.