Ecover Non-Chlorine Bleach 64 fl. oz.

64 fl. oz.
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Power away stains and deodorize your home, naturally. Free of fragrance, dyes or optical brighteners, our biodegradable non-chlorine bleach removes stubborn stains without washing out your colors. It’s also safe for sinks, tiles, toilets, showers, tubs—and the planet.
Water (aqua), hydrogen peroxide (6.75%)


Cleaning and brightening: add ¼ cup Ecover bleach with your detergent (use more for large or heavily soiled loads). Wash as usual. Stain removal: apply directly to stains. Rub in; wash promptly with Ecover Laundry Liquid or Powder as usual. Do not allow product to dry on fabric. Household use: add ½ cup to 1 gallon of water. Wash items with water and apply cleaning solution. Let stand 10 minutes and rinse. Do not use full strength. Ideal for kitchen (sink&tile) and bathroom (bathtub, toilet, porcelain, shower). Attention: Test colorfastness of fabric by applying one drop of bleach to hidden area. Check after 5 minutes. Use gloves when cleaning.

Suggested Uses

*cleans hygienically and enhances the washing power. *keeps whites bright naturally. *color safe. *deodorizes and removes tough stains. *no chlorine and optical brighteners to leave a deposit on the skin. *no residues of unnecessary chemicals. *GMO enzyme free. *optimum level of biodegradability – far exceeds legal requirements. *minimum impact on aquatic life. *against animal testing. *also suitable for septic tanks.
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