ChicoBag ChicoBag Vita Feather Shopping Bag

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  • Made In USA
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Vita shopping bags are designed to be convenient, practical, stylish, and to make your life a bit more sustainable and eco-friendly. A shoulder-style reusable bag with a 40 pound-carrying capacity that is perfect for trips to the market, bookstore, or beach and designed to fit into every lifestyle. Made of durable, machine washable fabric, this reusable bag can handle whatever life throws at you.

Americans use over 100 billion single-use plastic bags per year. It takes approximately 1,000 years for a single use plastic shopping bag to degrade in a landfill, but worse yet, they don’t completely break down, but rather photo-degrade into microplastics. Each Vita bag you purchase replaces more than 1,500 single-use plastic bags, now how’s that for eco-friendly impact to people and planet? Let’s give single use the middle finger! 





The Chicobag Mission

From the day Chicobag first opened their doors, compassionate sustainability has been at the heart of their bold business. It’s the reason and the promise behind Chicobag’s newest “Pledge for the Planet” Commitment, establishing them as a leader in cutting-edge corporate sustainability.