Mrs Anderson Mrs. Anderson's Baking Sifter, 3 Cups

6" x 5 3⁄4" x 5 5⁄8" SKU: 236757
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Mrs. Anderson's Baking Crank Flour Sifter for breaking up clumps and ærating flour, icing sugar, and other sifted baking ingredient. Fluffs powdered ingredients for lighter baked goods; Breaks up lumps and is easy to use. Made from stainless steel with wood knob handle; sturdy, durable, and resists rust. 


430 Stainless Steel

Mrs. Anderson's

Mrs. Anderson’s baking line is a collection of innovative baking accessories for the at-home baker. Built to the demanding specifications of home bakers around the world, their extensive collection has it all. From trying your hand at making pie crusts for the first time, to searching for the right pan for a recipe, you can bake, decorate, and serve in confidence with the help of Mrs. Anderson’s Baking.