Aluminum Stove-Top Espresso Maker

16 oz.
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Wake up with a jolt using this quality 16 oz. espresso maker. Made of durable cast aluminum, this espresso maker is easy to use and safe for stovetop use. Simply fill the bottom with water and fill the top filter with finely ground coffee and you'll have strong, delicious espresso in minutes. Includes a convenient spout to prevent spills and a handle that stays cool to protect against burns.


Fill the lower chamber with water to the safety valve. Put the funnel shaped filter in and fill with ground coffee without pressing. Screw on the top chamber and place it on the heat source. Remove from the heat source as soon as the coffee has flowed out. Let it stand until the lower chamber is only releasing steam. Enjoy!

Suggested Uses

Great when on the go - camping, traveling, for business, vacationing or anytime you need to make espresso from a compact unit.
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