Mrs Anderson


Company Overview

Founded in 1957, Harold Import Company is your family-owned and operated gourmet kitchen supplier. HIC aims to offer the highest quality products to cooks everywhere, and this has been their mission since they began. Maintaining an extensive selection of kitchen tools and gadgets, HIC provides tried-and-true utensils that are essential for any kitchen or cook.

Quality Trusted, Baker Approved

Mrs. Anderson’s baking line is a collection of innovative baking accessories for the at-home baker. Built to the demanding specifications of home bakers around the world, Mrs. Anderson’s collection has it all. From trying your hand at making homemade pie crusts for the first time, to searching for the right pan for a recipe, you can bake, decorate, and serve in confidence with the help of Mrs. Anderson’s Baking.

Product Overview

From a perfect pie crust to delicious chocolates molded into the most intricate shapes, the collection of bakeware from Mrs. Anderson’s Baking provides you with baking precision, instruction, and tasty inspiration. Discover some of the best baking accessories from Mrs. Anderson’s Baking, because, with Mrs. Anderson in your kitchen, you will soon be enjoying fresh home-baked goodness from your very own oven!


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