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Moso Natural Odor Eliminator Stand Up 300g

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The Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag is an all-in-one solution to clean the air in your home safely and effectively. This fragrance-free, chemical-free odor eliminator uses high quality bamboo charcoal to ionically attract harmful pollutants, odor and excess moisture out of the air for up to two years. With its wide sturdy base and reinforced grommet, simply hang or place the Moso Bag in closets, bathrooms, pet areas, laundry rooms- or any area up to 90 square feet. Suggested Uses- Place in an affected area up to 90 square feet. Once a month for one hour, place the Moso Bag outside to rejuvenate. Even on cold or overcast days, the UV rays from the sun will clear out all of the impurities that the bamboo charcoal has absorbed. At the end of two years, the bamboo charcoal can be recycled into your garden to help your plants grow.


Moso bamboo charcoal, linen exterior 
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