Masontops Wide Mouth Black Cold Brew Coffee Kit with Jar

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This first of its kind system from Masontops does not require you to dump out coffee grounds before consumption. The Seal-Safe Cold Brew Adapter seals-off the strainer basket preventing coffee grounds from exiting the pour spout. Includes (1) 24oz Masontops Wide Mouth Jar, (1) Stainless Steel Coffee Ground Strainer Basket, (1) Mason Jar Seal-Safe Cold Brew Adapter, (1) Multi Top — Flip Cap Lid, Black, PLUS Cold Brew Coffee Ratio Guide Magnet.


Simply brew overnight in the fridge and take it to go the next morning.
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Content Description Includes 1 each of 24 oz. Masontops Wide Mouth Jar, Stainless Steel Coffee Ground Strainer Basket, Mason Jar Seal-Safe Cold Brew Adapter, Black Multi Top — Flip Cap Lid, and a Cold Brew Coffee Ratio Guide Magnet

For People & Planet

Our curated selection of products is more than just a collection of items; it's a reflection of our values and where every choice reflects our commitment to a brighter future for people & planet. Explore the positive impact of Masontops.

Home Fermentation Made Easy for All

For Masontops’ founders, fermentation is a passion. Their early efforts to make small batch sauerkraut eventually led them to create an entire suite of products for fermenting vegetables in Mason jars. From their experience, they know fermented vegetables are delicious, loaded with probiotics, and easy to make at home – with a few simple tools and a set of guidelines. They want everyone, including you, to love home-made fermented foods as much as they do. Check out the free recipes on their website, and contact Masontops with any and all questions regarding their products or your fermentation adventures. 

Reducing Food Waste for a Healthier Planet

You know how frustrating it can be when your fruits and veggies go bad. Did you know that food waste contributes to many of our environmental problems today? Masontops’ products offer simple solutions that can help extend the life of your produce, reduce waste, and empower you to create healthy foods in your own home. These solutions also give new life to your old Mason jars; plus, they're made with high-quality materials, like bamboo, glass, and BPA and phthalate-free plastic, making them a sustainable choice. 

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Founded in 2014 by childhood friends, Masontops is dedicated to creating accessories that turn Mason jars into storage solutions, fermentation vessels, seed sprouters, coffee bean preservers, and whatever new ideas come their way. After frustrating attempts to ferment sauerkraut, the friends realized there was a need to simplify the process and fell in love with the idea of using Mason jars; they were the perfect size, easy to clean, and easy to find.

Since their Pickle Pebble food weights, Masontops has added other fermentation essentials, as well as sprouting, storage and brewing tools. They’ll support you on your journey to better health by providing free recipes and resources to get the most out of their products. 


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