Bob's Red Mill Bob's Red Mill Bulgar Red Grain 28 oz.

28 oz. SKU: 232883
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  • Kosher
  • Organic
  • Made In USA
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The nutrition in whole grain bulgur will fill you up and keep you going. What is bulgur? A staple in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions, Bulgur, also known as ala, is a wonderful and versatile ingredient for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Made from whole grain hard red wheat that has been parboiled, dried and cracked, this medium grind (#2) bulgur is quick to prepare and can be reconstituted with hot water in a matter of minutes. A common ingredient in Tabbouleh, bulgur is a wonderful base for salads and pilafs. Use it to add crunch to breads and muffins or try it cooked as a hot cereal. Mix bulgur into meatballs and meat loaf to bring whole grain nutrition to your table. The nutty flavor of bulgur makes it perfect for savory dishes and breads. Bulgur wheat is an ideal substitute for nutritionally deplete sides, such as potatoes, pasta and stuffing. Bulgur grain is so easy to prepare, you will wish you had tried it sooner. Like many whole grains, bulgur is a nutritional powerhouse. With a healthy balance of fat, fiber and protein, bulgur has health benefits that are great for anyone trying to be more conscious of what they eat.