Simply Organic Simply Organic Carnitas Slow Cooker Sauce 8.00 fl. oz.

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  • Organic
  • Kosher
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Chipotle, ancho and cayenne chili peppers infuse this slow cooker sauce with warm, complex chili flavor for the tastiest, fall-apart-tender pork carnitas. Excellent for use in a slow cooker or for stovetop prep. Rich, balanced tomato sauce with savory herbs and garlic, notes of paprika and allspice, and a touch of citrus sweetness. An easy, low-prep way to cook restaurant-style pork carnitas at home. Serve with warm tortillas, cilantro and a squeeze of lime.   Carnitas, meaning ‘little meats,’ are a Mexican dish from the state of Michoacán. Often made from inexpensive cuts of pork, this meaty dish is slow-cooked until tender, then shredded or pulled into bite-sized bits. Perfect for corn tortillas or wrapping in a flour tortilla with your favorite taco toppings.