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Earth Therapeutics Deluxe Loofah Back Massager Brush 16"

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A favorite for cleaning the hard-to-reach back, the 16" handle of our Loofah Back Massager Brush gives you that extra reach as you soothe, stimulate and exfoliate from head to toe. The naturally abrasive of the loofah sponge buffs the skin and stimulates circulation, unclogging pores and releasing toxins trapped in the body.

Loofah is a natural vegetable cleansing sponge that exfoliates dead cells and improves circulation of the blood throughout the body, revitalizing the skin.

Size: Loofah sponge 4.5"; handle 16"; total length 20.5"

Natural loofah sponge; wooden handle


Use your favorite cleanser in the shower or bath and remove excess water from the brush. Store in a dry place.

After use, rinse and hang dry. Replace after 3 months for best hygiene.

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