Earth Therapeutics

Earth Therapeutics Charcoal Exfoliating Round Sponge

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This Purifying Exfoliating Sponge is textured to gently scrub away the outer layers of dead skin to unclog pores while an embedded infusion of medicinal Bamboo Charcoal enhances the cleansing process by drawing out impurities. Also massages and stimulates circulation, so skin can breathe freely. After regular periodic use, skin will look clean, feel soft, and most of all - be healthy.

Bamboo Charcoal has been used and trusted for centuries to help neutralize toxins and impurities. The charcoal is permanently infused into the fibers and does not rub off.

Size: 5.125" x 7.875" x 1.125"

43% nylon, 40% polyester, 17% charcoal fiber. Back Terry & Ribbon Strap: 100% polyester. Inner: Polyurethane Foam


After use, rinse, squeeze out excess water and hang dry. Replace after 3 months for optimal hygiene.
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