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Earth Therapeutics "Big" Foot Rasp Foot File

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Specially designed with surgical grade stainless steel, this professional pedicure file features a finely perforated surface to grate away the most stubborn calluses and hardened skin.

The generous paddle surface makes this file satisfying to use and results in soft, "reborn" feet after old skin is scuffed away. Surgical grade stainless steel may be disinfected and used wet or dry. A long-lasting, sturdy staple for your home pedicure kit.

Size: 3.75" x 12.5"x 1.125"


Applying light pressure, gently rub over hard, dry skin areas to smooth out and remove calluses. Rinse off with warm water to clean and store in dry place.

PRO TIP: Massage Tea Tree Oil Foot Repair Balm onto feet after treating with the pedicure file. This will nourish and revive dry, damaged feet, keeping them looking and feeling soft and smooth.
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